Eating healthy takes some effort and planning. It does not necessarily mean buying expensive organic produce either – it’s about making good choices that impact your daily life. You want to eat foods that promote good health versus eating fatty foods that can create problems for you in the long run. Life is about balance.

Let’s start with the basics. Stock your your frig with lots of fruits and veggies. Don’t have time to pick and choose produce and other items, order online from places like Peapod and Shop Rite who deliver to most locations, unless you are in a remote location, then you’ll have to drive.  If you are always on the go and are a one-stop-shopper go to Target. They have amazing produce and some of the best strawberries. They carry a lot of the same brands as your local food store. I prefer to buy USA goods, but that’s just a personal preference. If the food has to travel a long distance, I tend to avoid it.

It’s summer where we live along the east coast, so I am buying lots of the following: strawberries (anti-inflammatory properties), blueberries (antioxidants), bananas (potassium), mangos (my kids LOVE these), nectarines and plums so juicy and delicious. Oh and how can I forget my all-time favorite fresh figs!! In fact, this year I am growing a fig tree. When I was little and visited the beach every summer, my dad and I would buy fresh figs at the local market. I think of him every time I have one. Here are some good shake options for that delicious fruit. Try my Basil & Raspberry Shake or Blueberry Pomegranate Shake. Another great idea is slice banana and freeze it and toss it in the shakes. It creates a very thick shake that you can eat with a spoon. It has an ice cream consistency.


Let’s talk fresh veggies. I buy tons of organic spinach packed with vitamins which is good for shakes and salads. I buy organic arugula which is another family favorite drizzled with balsamic vinegar, YUM! Anything I eat ALOT of like salad I typically buy organic.  I love the crunchy bite of romaine hearts which I use for salads. I like to buy asparagus and roast in the oven with olive oil and sea salt.  My little guy is a fussy eater, but loves broccoli so that is another great choice, especially when you roast it in the oven. Also, green beans, brussel sprouts, and fresh corn, and yummy heirloom tomatoes which are in season right now. And another family favorite and the ultimate comfort food in my book: potatoes! Roasted red potatoes well seasoned or even a baked yam or white potato is yummy and nutritious. These are some great building blocks to a healthy lifestyle and my go-to foods for my very active family.

Next isle is frozen foods. I buys lots of frozen berries for my girls (teenagers) to toss in shakes. They are obsessed with frozen acai berry.


Let’s not forget about frozen veggies, they are easy and delicious. I buy frozen brussel sprouts, broccoli, corn, and spinach. Having frozen veggies just makes life easier. Ideally you want the fresh produce, but at least you are eating the veggies.

Next isle is snacks. We buy lots of popcorn. It’s light and airy and a healthy option. Also, I love tortilla chips with salsa as a snack option. My son likes his potato chips, although, not so healthy the baked option is good. Fruits snacks are a great quick snack and my kids all love them. I am obsessed with Fig Bars too. I eat those after a workout or if my energy level drops. Some other healthy choices:  pretzels, granola bars (although high in sugar – try my Homemade Granola), and there are so many baked chip options.

What’s for dindin?? That’s my specialty! If you want to get the most out of long summer days you want quick and easy meals. Turn to boxed pasta and add fresh spinach and tiny tomatoes. Make garlic and oil pasta see my recipe for Linguine Aglio e Olio, so easy and kids will devour, but make a large salad on the side and roast a veggie too! Grilled chicken is super healthy serve with a delicious yam, or brown or wild rice, and salad on the side. Barbeque chicken is another fave.  Find a great barbeque sauce or experiment with tomato sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, and lot’s of seasonings. Fresh is best! Another easy go-to meal is pizza. Try my Margaretta Pizza – it is super delish and a quick meal for a busy night. Also try my White Bean, Red Onion & Arugula Pizza, super yummy (and Vegan!). Another great option is pasta fagioli – check out my recipe! My kids and their friends devour this!!

Enjoy the summer!!!

Homemade pizza crust


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