Blueberrie PomegranatesTwo powerhouse fruits: Blueberries & Pomegranate combined to make one delicious purple shake! I use the Blueberry Pomegranate juice by Naked Brands, sold in the UK and US. This particular drink is yummy on it’s own, but I like to blend it in my shake. I have previously noted in a post the multiple health benefits of Blueberries, so let’s talk about the Pomegranate.

This gorgeous ruby red fruit with a cute, tiny little crown has been around since ancient times. This fruit should have a crown. considering all the broad spectrum health benefits it carries with it! A little history first, it is grown all over the world and has been cultivated in some parts of California and Arizona. It is drought-tolerant. I did a little research and “Granada” and pomegranates are interchangeable, “Granada” means pomegranate in Spanish. Interestingly enough, I traveled to Granada, Spain and visited the palace of Alhambra and the mosaics there and around the city of Granada, Spain have the fruit displayed on them. Walking through the streets of Granada, you will see pomegranates growing. It makes for such a picturesque sight to walk through the streets of this old city and see the lush green trees with this red fruit amidst the old buildings and Moorish architecture. Obviously, Spain is mainly known for the abundance of olive trees growing along the side of the road, literally everywhere you turn. While in Spain we visited, Malaga, Sevilla, Granada and spent some time at the “sunny coast” Costa del Sol.

There is some connection between the word garnet (the gorgeous red gem) and pomegranate. Garnet is the root word in pomegranate, and obviously the red gem and the red fruit have some resemblance. I am starting to sound like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “give me any word and I’ll find the root word…” One of my favorite movies.

I think in the US there has been a big buzz about Pomegranates due to the multiple health benefits derived from them. They are a powerful antioxidant and high in Vitamin C & K. They may have some heart health benefits and are good for your skin. Also, they may actually make you run faster, and aide in muscle recovery. See this article from Oxygen Magazine. Pomegranate power My daughter is a pro at eating these. She scores the outer shell and soaks the pomegranates in a bowl of cold water. Then breaks the pomegranate apart, and eventually the seeds will sink to the bottom and the white pulp, which you do not eat will float to the top. You can spit the seeds out, once you get out all the juice. Red hands are a definite after this messy, sweet yet sometimes bitter snack! Here is the link to the shake Blueberry Pomegranate Shake
Costa Del Sol Costa del Sol, Spain

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  • June 16, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    Interesting tip on getting the seeds out. My girls love Pomagranite… We always just pick them apart, this seems easier. I’m going to try it.


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