I recently made a purchase of another kitchen gadget. This one is to make linguine-like pasta. It works great and is so easy to clean and store. It’s a no-fuss product and one I recommend if you like homemade pasta. This is what it looks like.

pasta maker

You can order it on Amazon. It’s called Eppicotispai Chitarra Pasta Cutter.

Be sure to follow my post on pasta making 101 teaching you how to make pasta. To save yourself cleaning time you can cut a piece of parchment paper and fit it under the wires so when the pasta falls it falls onto the paper and doesn’t make a mess. You can rinse it and dry it well and store it in your pantry or cabinet.


homemade linguineThis is what the pasta looks like when it’s done.┬áIt tasted amazing. ALWAYS salt your pasta water. Don’t add salt to the flour and water mixture though, it will make the dough very tough to work with. We tested it!

Once you cook your pasta in boiling salted water for 6 minutes, toss it with some delicious sauce: tomato, pesto or butter sauce and your pasta will look like this.

homemade linguini with sauce edited

Now that’s Italian! Enjoy!

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