Eggplant ParmThere are certain foods, at least for me, that elicit fond memories of growing up. Eggplant Parmesan is one of those foods. I remember being in my kitchen as a child with my mom and dad making eggplant parm. It would take forever the entire process: the dipping, the frying, the stacking, the baking. When the cutlets were all fried my siblings and I and (my dad) would snitch some. They were so yummy. It’s nice to create those kind of memories for our children. I cherish these now especially since both of parents have passed. I think they would love my version of eggplant parm. It’s very close to the way they made it, but my sauce is very different. It’s more rustic tomato sauce.

Gather the kids and try my eggplant parm recipe. It calls for two eggplants but you might want to buy three because everyone always eats the eggplant after its been fried and before it goes into the oven with the sauce and cheese. The eggplant cutlets will melt in your mouth. Mange!

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