apple picking

My mom, Midge as they called her, had some very special friendships in her network of friends. One of my favorites is Betty. Betty is an adventurous person as was my mom, I guess that’s why they got along so well. I remember when I was little I would play with her Golden Retriever, Tigger. He was a lovable dog, and always happy to hang with me. We would go on many adventures together with Betty and my mom, Tigger and I in the back of the old station wagon.  We would visit orchards to pick apples in the Fall, and in the Spring to pick peaches. These were some of the many good times we all shared together.

Sometime after our visit to the Orchards, Betty would call us over to eat pie. I always remember she had the pies lined up when you walked in the door. She was a pie making machine. NOBODY makes pies like Betty, so I learned from the best of the best. I am sharing Betty’s Apple Pie recipe with you. I made some changes because everyone’s tastes are different. This apple pie is made from the freshest (I only use organic) apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon, and yes LOTS of butter in the crust which ensures the crust will crumble as you put your fork into it. Check out Betty’s Apple Pie Recipe Adapted by Mariooch’s Kitchen

Betty is truly an inspiration not only with her pie making skills, but her spirit of volunteerism that runs through her veins. She was on the rescue squad for as long as I can remember and even did rescues on the top of mountains during heavy snows.  She was a nurse and loved her job and was passionate about helping others. She met her husband high upon the ski tops skiing some huge mountain.  My mom was the same way, that spirit of adventure was apart of who they were. I try to keep that adventurous spirit alive in my children. One will be jetting off to Switzerland to ski and visit France by train, the other will be visiting the beautiful state of Hawaii and exploring the islands.

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