Salami & egg bread

I have fond memories of going to my Italian grandmother’s and my Aunt Millie’s house for Easter. They lived in a two-story home located in a small Italian neighborhood.  Everybody knew them. Any time you stopped by, there was always company, and someone speaking Italian. Aunt Millie was the ultimate chef. She would always have mounds of food ready to be eaten the moment her boys (and girls) jetted in the house from school. Grandma lived upstairs and Millie was downstairs. Later when Aunt Millie had grandchildren, they would call them Grandma upstairs/downstairs. Being a part of the hustle and bustle of their home was where everyone wanted to be: family friends, neighborhood kids, and relatives. My mom worked in the area sometimes, and always stopped in, no phone call necessary. You were always welcome! My neighbor and I are like that. We still keep that open door policy and stop in and chat.

Salami & Egg Bread, Ricotta Cheesecake and Italian bread with the hard boiled colored Easter Eggs baked inside were always part of our celebration, and it was something I looked forward to every Easter. There is something savory and sweet about the Salami & Egg bread. It’s salty, because the cheese and deli meats, but sweet because the crust. It has the consistency and texture of a quiche, but is served cold. The Cheesecake is melt in your mouth goodness, that will be a hit!  Both of these recipes have been in my family for many generations. I was so lucky to recover them to share with my family at Easter.  I have my grandmother’s bread recipe, and I promise to share that soon!

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