Vegan PizzaMy teenage daughter decided she is going to try to become a Vegan for various reasons, so I took her to our local Whole Foods and followed her around and let her pick out what she needs and wants. These days she has been eating chia seeds and making chia seed pudding with a little agave nectar. She eats lots of hummus which she makes by following my Dillish Hummus Recipe. She LOVES whole wheat toast with sunflower seed butter, or avocado with salt. She drinks freshly squeezed orange juice and uses my mason jars to store it in the frig for a few days. She eats lots of homemade pasta which she has learned to make by following my Pasta Making 101.

I enjoy watching her be responsible for her eating and make informed decisions. As a result, I really want to support her Vegan efforts and this is when I created – the lovely, light as air White Bean, Red Onion and Arugula Pizza. It is seasoned with just the right amount of thyme and finely ground sea salt. It is soooo good, you really cannot stop eating it! This pizza has no cheese!  You don’t even miss it, I promise!

As I took a long walk by my home, passing the horse stables and looking at all the evergreens covered in snow, I thought up this pizza recipe.  I tend to create things sometimes based on need and sometimes just from my own creativity, and this recipe was a little bit of both.  Any Italian (I’m half Italian) knows that pizza should have cheese, but not vegan pizza! I know white beans add a creaminess to dishes like cheese so I started from there. Then, I started to think about giving my daughter some iron-rich leafy greens and thought of arugula. Then of course, I like to make things visually appealing and thought red onions will provide that rich color and a delicious flavor -the White Bean, Red Onion, and Arugula Pizza was created! It is as delicious as it is beautiful!






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