My husband’s family has been making pasta fagioli the same for generations. Their recipe, although slightly adapted, is in my cookbook. It’s a hardy and delicious meal that my kids and my kids friends love to eat! However, I wanted to create a more traditional pasta fagioli recipe that is more like a soup. My Pasta Fagioli Soup is what you would typically be offered in Italy. It has a complexity of flavors and taste and will transport you to Italy in one delicious bite. If you haven’t been to Italy pull up a chair and this soup will take you there. Now that’s Italian!

I imagine this soup became popular because beans are always available and in some remote villages in Italy, meat is not always accessible and it might be expensive. This is a great soup to use your veggies that went used during the week. Pull together what you have and give this heartwarming and delicious soup a try!

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