Savory Beef Soup with Pearl PastaI know it’s summer, and it’s hot. Who is really thinking about soup? Right!? But this soup will use those ingredients in your frig that tend to get stuck in the back. Think of it as a cleaning out the frig kinda soup. You will use lots of veggies which are packed with tons of nutrients, and you will have dinner ready in roughly one hour with a little bit of prep time.

This soup is savory and delicious. The thyme gives this soup a great taste. I only use 1/2 pound of meat so the meat doesn’t overpower the soup and become more like a stew, but just provides a hint of flavor. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, just skip the meat and saute mushrooms instead and incorporate a vegetable based broth in lieu of the beef broth.

Keep extra broth on hand because the pearl pasta will absorb the liquids, so have an extra container. This is SOUPer easy! I hope you love my Savory Beef Soup with Pearl Pasta! Enjoy!

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