Pesto SauceOnce the lazy, hazy days of summer have come to a close, my neighbor has an abundance of sweet basil growing in her yard. It thrives in a warm, sunny spot. When you have an abundance of basil growing in your garden at the end of summer be sure to make pesto! This version is a different twist on pesto sauce. I make it without pine nuts or walnuts. We have a nut allergy, so to give it a nutty flavor, I use chick peas, and it does the job well! Basil is one of my all time favorite herbs. Add it to your sauces, on top of your pizza, in your pastas, and even your shakes, yes, your shakes (combined with raspberry sorbet)!!!! It is versatile, delicious and not overbearing. It is the main ingredient in this sauce. Also, there are many health benefits to basil like clearing skin blemishes among others and it’s been around for thousands of years!Pesto Sauce

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