We are all busy these days. I for one have been so busy that I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I miss posting regularly. I am in the process of having my cookbook published, so my attention has been on that.  I am very excited and cannot wait to share it with you all….Juggling family, my cookbook, recipe development,  food photo styling, scheduling photo sessions to catch me in action, and managing the kids with their plethora of activities, I need to have a steady stream of energy.  I came up with these healthy and nutritious muffins that will taste like a mini carrot cake without all the excess fat.  Some words to describe these are: yummy, moist, crunchy outside, sweet and spicy all in one bite, and just simply delicious!

These carrot muffins are great for the kids too as they are rushing out the door to catch the bus or to go to a track meet or soccer game. They can be served as a snack or a breakfast. The best part about them is that I have omitted the egg and my son can eat them. You won’t even miss it! You can however, add the egg and eliminate the applesauce. Here is the link to my Morning Glory Carrot Muffins. You can mix a little cream cheese, cinnamon and honey to add to it, so it tastes just like a true carrot cake or add a little butter or olive oil spread. Either way your morning will be jump started and you will have enough fuel to carry you through your work until you can enjoy your next meal.

I will keep you posted on my cookbook. It will offer appetizers, soups & sides, and main meal options for  you and your busy family. It will also offer some Italian Classics.  I truly appreciate you following my blog.

Have a great day!

xo Mariooch

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