Midge & Kids - 1971 As a child my family and I would spend most weekends at the beach house. Here’s a picture of my mom with me and my siblings. I am the littlest one sitting with mom. I have fond memories of my dad getting donuts on Sunday mornings as a treat.  My favorite kind of donut was the Boston Cream donut with powdered sugar. I can almost taste it! The oozing of the cream and the sweet taste of the sugar along with the cake like texture of the donut that was a little bit greasy- the combination was amazing!

LBI 2008

Now, fast forward many years I want my son (and girls) to enjoy donuts like when I was a kid, but my son has multiple food allergies. So that’s when I get creative. These donuts are low in fat and high on taste. Check out my recipe for Heart Shaped Donuts.

Please share with any friends who may have kids with allergies to nuts/eggs. Also, get a bit adventurous and try some interesting combinations instead of cream cheese try a garlic & herb goat cheese and add some thyme to the batter, dip in butter and sugar for a winning combination of savory and sweet. Be creative that’s part of the fun!

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