arms foldedIf you have ever been to Europe you know how everything shuts down so that families and friends can come together to share a meal in their home. Sharing a meal is a priority and something that is valued in Europe as well as in other countries. Young and old enjoy each other’s company. Whereas in America, making dinner has become an inconvenience. This is in part due to families working more hours to maintain the high cost of living. Mom (or Dad) can’t be home cooking all day long. In a society where we spend just as much money on take out and fast food as we do on groceries something needs to shift.

Years ago there was more of a focus on the family dinner or supper as we called it growing up. My mom would ring a bell and we’d come running for dinnertime! The famous photo by Norman Rockwell’s in which a family is sitting around the dinner table enjoying a meal evokes a certain sentiment that is timeless. We need to get back to that era of the family dinner, but how.

There are a few challenges that face families, some families simply don’t know what to make for dinner and some may not even know how to cook. I was a prime example of that. I had lost my mom in my twenties and had no idea what to do when I got married, no one to run to for help in the kitchen.  I became a homegrown chef and want to empower the American family to get back to the dinner table to share that next warm meal.  We laugh, we cry and we share! And ok, so the kids pick up the cell phones on occasion, but they are present, so it’s progress!

Another major challenge that families face is that they are always pressed for time. On my food blog, I offer short-cuts. We can cheat sometimes: buy pre-made pizza dough, buy pre-cut and pre-cooked eggplant cutlets, and salad dressing, or a rotisserie chicken. It’s ok. I also offer a more detailed approach to cooking for those who simply want to learn. I am here to teach you how to cook a great meal!

My recipes offer something for everyone. It’s about adapting and staying committed to a healthier way of life and honoring that dinner hour. I want to empower you to come back to the dinner table and show you that it’s not as hard as you may think to get dinner on the table. You hungry? I’m coookin’! Let’s eat!

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