gnocchiSoon after my husband and I met he told me he loved gnocchi and steak, so on our next date I was sure to cook him both! He fell in love with me. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and in my case that proved to be true. I have always prepared many special meals from the time we were married up until now. I like to make foods that my kids and husband love. Gnocchi is one of their favorites. Making it from scratch is a lot easier than you might think. It is about one hour from start to finish. For a meal, that is not too bad. Before you make gnocchi you need to be sure you have a few essential items to help you in the kitchen. Here is a list to follow:

  1. 3 large russet potatoes
  2. a large wood cutting board or pastry board
  3. a fork or gnocchi board
  4. a pastry scraper
  5. a large clean work surface
  6. a good quality extra virgin olive oil
  7. All-purpose flour
  8. a wire mesh ladle (important)

Follow my recipe for handmade gnocchi and you will be able to impress your family with a delicious light as air pasta.

A few hints:

  • work with the potatoes while they are hot,
  • use mitts when handling the hot potato,
  • once you start the dough making process, don’t stop, keep it going until you have created a loaf
  • put the finished gnocchi on a floured surface so they don’t stick
  • pile up the gnocchi into the wire mesh ladle and put them in the boiling water in batches.
  • Test one or two gnocchi first and then you know how long to cook the entire batch
  • Use on the day you make, fresh is best!
  • Use the wire mesh ladle to fish them out of the water
  • Serve with a butter or light tomato sauce

These go quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

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