Chocolate Chip CookiesEvery once in awhile I will enlist the help of one of my kids with a recipe especially when it comes to something like the ever popular chocolate chip cookie. My daughter, the one who is in middle school, and I worked tirelessly on this recipe to perfect it! She had taken a cooking class and likes to use her newly learned skills to measure, mix and also create. This recipe is truly mouthwatering and the combination of salt and sweet can be tasted in each and every bite.

It can be easily adapted if you have a peanut, or tree nut allergy, just be sure to choose safe chocolate, and always check with the manufacturer to be sure there are no trace amounts of peanuts or tree nuts in the chocolate you choose, it may not be listed. It can be adapted for an egg allergy as well, leave it out and just add some water, you won’t even miss it!!! But, the cookie will be more cake like, but it will still be delicious. My son LOVES these cookies! The coconut in this recipe adds a nice texture to the cookie. By the way, coconut is not a tree nut! I like using semi-sweet chocolate, it’s just a preference. Here is the link to my recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies Enjoy!

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