browniesI experiment a lot with recipes that do not contain butter or egg. I think completely eliminating white sugar is not an option, so this has some white sugar. It also contains an entire bar of Hershey’s baking bar unsweetened chocolate. I have experimented with whole wheat flour, but the brownie had an aftertaste. I have used white flour and cocoa powder, but the brownie became more like a cake. I did a little research and based on that I determined that the baking bar chocolate will create a richer and less cake-like brownie, so I opted for that! This brownie will not disappoint. It is made without egg, butter or vegetable oil. Instead I incorporated olive oil, and apple sauce. It is slightly more health conscious then the traditional brownie. It has a similar taste to a flourless chocolate cake I am told. It is rich and decadent. I hope you enjoy my¬†Brownies. Click on the link.

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